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Essential Systems Health and Safety


ESHS offers a variety of preventive maintenance (PM) services to help ensure your AED equipment needs are being met to the highest degree.

ESHS was founded by a group of firefighters who saw a need in their local community for AED access and training support for small businesses. Health and fitness in their job is a requirement in order to contribute to the public safety. All of our technical reps are fitness and health coach qualified to give you the best program strategy for your workplace.

Having your equipment checked on a regular schedule can help avoid costly future repairs. Preventive Maintenance can also help to greatly extend the life of your equipment. ESHS can analyze your equipment and run diagnostics on it to ensure it is operating effectively and within manufacturer set parameters and keep you compliant with state regulations.

Each state, along with the manufacturer of your medical device has guidelines on how often you need to have your medical equipment checked to remain in compliance. Failure to maintain your equipment in regulation with state and manufacturer standards could result in liability issues for you and your company. To prevent lawsuits being brought against you and your company, you must have your equipment serviced regularly.